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All types of pole training available. Whether you enjoy flowy dance style, strength style or just want to work on your fitness in a fun way there is something for everyone! 

About Me

Ashleigh Peters – Pole Training & Fitness

Hi I’m Ashleigh.

I started my pole journey 4 years ago when I decided I wanted to do something fun to stay fit. I started going to pole fitness classes and fell in love with the sport. I went from attending 1 class a week to having a pole at home and practicing everyday, it became something I knew I couldn’t live without.

Since I started I always wanted to share this love with everyone I met and show people how pole can help you gain confidence and do things you didn’t know your body could do.

I started teaching so I could do just this and share the amazing feeling you get when you nail a new move or learn to flow one move into the next.

Gain confidence and do things you didn’t know your body could do.

“I didn’t think pole would be for me because I have no flexibility or coordination. In just a few sessions Ashleigh has taken me way past what I thought my limits are and does everything possible to boost your confidence. She really takes the time to understand you as a person and how you learn best – an amazing instructor!”


“Ashleigh is an amazing teacher, pushes you when you’re struggling with a move. No one 1 lesson is the same you learn something new every time. Definitely recommend.”


“Ashleigh is an amazing teacher! I have done pole before with a different instructor and feel like I’ve progressed more in the 2 months I’ve been with AJ Pole than I did in the year I was at the previous place. She is so patient with explaining moves and will always ensure she tailors the classes to whoever’s attending. I always leave feeling like I’ve really pushed myself! 10/10 would definitely recommend.”


Class Times

  • Monday 7pm
  • Monday 8pm
  • Friday 12pm
  • Friday 6pm
  • Saturday 10am

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